Executive Coaching

I believe that leaders are created, not born. Leadership skills can be learned through inquiry, study, and observation but are acquired through the daily practice of being at the helm of an organization. And the difference between average leaders and exceptional leaders is intention and action. 

Executive Coaching is for C-Suite executives, sole proprietors, and Executive Directors of non-profits who want to hone their leadership skills and deepen their leadership experience. 

I can help transform your leadership through:

  • Increasing emotional and social intelligence for maximized individual and team engagement 
  • Identification and clarity of roadblocks to continued success
  • Establishing short- to mid-term achievement goals and accountability for implementation
  • Shifting from a management approach to embodied leadership 
  • Cultivating deeper leadership qualities and presence
  • Unlocking team dynamics
  • Walking the professional and personal tightrope

What people are saying about coaching with me:

“The deepest learning through coaching was the ability to recognize my inner power and who I show up as in a situation, whether it is a work meeting or sitting down with my children.  My experience with Michael has had a tremendous impact in my development and the direction I have taken my career.”

∼ Rosetta 

“Working with Michael was an incredibly transformative experience. He listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having personally and professionally while helping me identify my core strengths and values. His approach was methodical and thoughtful and included several valuable tools I could use to continue on a path toward greater personal and professional satisfaction.  I highly recommend Michael’s services regardless of where you are on your own personal and professional journey.”

∼ Jeremiah
Michael Allwright

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